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Artemisinin Extract

Artemisinin Extract

Bitter Apricot Seed extract

Bitter Apricot Seed extract

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

Product Introduction

Biloba Leaf (Extract) refers to the effective substances extracted from Ginkgo biloba, which contain total flavonoids of ginkgo, ginkgolide and other substances. Ginkgo biloba extract has the effects of expanding blood vessels, protecting vascular endothelial tissue, regulating blood lipids, protecting low-density lipoprotein, inhibiting PAF (platelet activating factor), inhibiting thrombosis and clearing free radicals.



Item: Biloba Leaf Extract
Latin name: Ginkgo biloba L.
Main effective component: Ginkgolide/Flavone
Product specification: 6%Ginkgolide, 24%Flavone
Detection method: HPLC
CAS No.: 90045-36-6



1. Anti-inflammatory, ginkgolide B can inhibit the release of lysosomal enzymes;
2. Reduce blood pressure and treat pregnancy induced hypertension, total flavonoids has the dilation of blood vessels;
3. It has obvious control of hyperlipidemia and hepatic steatosis;
4. Enhance brainpower, improve memory and prevent dementia.


Packing and shipping

Packing : 1 kg / bag; 10kg/ case; 25 kg / barrel, also packing according to customer's requirement
Preservation method: dry, cool place, avoid light sealed storage
Shelf life: 2 years



1. Cost advantages: batch procurement of raw materials, advanced technology, good production management
2. Quality advantages: strict quality of raw materials, and improve the QC&QA, batch stability control
3. R & D strengths: depth and Hunan Institute of traditional Chinese medicine and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine R & D cooperation

4. Customer service advantages: there are a group of professional quality and experience of business personnel

5.For all details about the order arrangement, pls. reach us via email at 


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