International pictures. Nov. 2014. South Africa.


On the way for shopping, our international friends.Weekend trip for international friends to Dong Culture City.



Weekend trip for international friends to Phoenix Town.



Indonesia TCM students & other foreign friends visit Fenghuang City.



Friends from South Africa, Philippine, Brazil and USA, August 2014.



Go sight-seeing with Chinese bride and bridegroom.Minister from Uganda visited us to seek medical cooperation with our system, April 2014.



Weekend trip for international friends to Zhijiang Mang Tangxi to taste local foods.



Graduation Ceremony For The First Indonesia TCM Students Group.




In order to express their thanks to teachers and other staffs in our hospital, TCM students from Indonesia TCM Association prepared delicious Indonesian food to us, on September 17, 2014. After the banquet, a party was held on the seventh floor of the hospital. During the part, students of Indonesia TCM Association gave short speech to express their gratitude to us. They also presented local gifts from Indonesia to Dr. Ming.



Trip to Qiancheng Acient City on Sep.7, 2014.



                Indonesia TCM students visit the Arch of Anti-Japanese War Victory & Surrender Acceptance.

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