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Please first tick off the products you wish to order, and then tell us the amount of each product. As soon as we receive your order, we will report the favored wholesale price to you. 

Units   A01  Agastache Right-Qi Pill   

Units    A02   Common Cold Tablet  

Units    A03   Wang Lao Ji Cool Tea Granule  

Units    A04   Honeysuckle Bupleurum Common Cold Plaster  

Units   A06   Mulberry Ginger Common Cold Tablet 

Units    A07  Agastache Right-Oi Capsule 

Units    A08  Honeysuckle Forsythia Toxin-Resolving Tablet 

Units    A09: Andrographis Lactones Dripping Pill

Units    A10: Agastache Summer-Heat Clearing Soft Capsule

Units    A11: Inflammation-Reducing King Tablet 

Units    A12: Influenza Pill  

Units    A13: Forsythia Granule 

Units    A14: Anti-Flu Toxin-Resolving Granule

Units    A15: Common Cold Heat-Clearing Granule  

Units    A16: Common Cold Cough-Suppressing Granule  

Units    A17: Minor Bupleurum Granule  

Units    A18: Dragon-Tiger Brand Heat-Cooling Pill  

Units    A08  Honeysuckle Forsythia Toxin-Resolving Tablet 

Units   B01   Inflammation Must Be Eliminated Capsule  

Units   B02   Fire-Clearing Gardenia Ophiopogon Tablet   

Units   B03   Jade Leaf Fire-Clearing Tablet  

Units   B04   Bovine Bezoar Heat-Clearing Pill  

Units   B05   Dandelion Soluble Preparation  

Units   B06   Three Gold Jade Leaf Toxin-Resolving Granule  

Units   B07   Isatis Sucking Tablet   

Units   B08   Multiple-Ingredients Scutellaria Tablet    

Units   B09   Multiple Dandelion Tablet   

Units   B10   Once Clearing-Up Capsule 

Units   B11   Multiple-Ingrients Isatis Granule   

Units   B12   Auti-Virus Granule

Units   B13   Dandelion Tablet  

Units   B14   Lonicera Sucking Tablet 

Units   B15   Honeysuckle Granule

Units   B16   Multiple-Ingredients Sarcandra Sucking Tablet

Units   B17   Bovine Bezoar Toxin-Resolving Tablet

Units   B18   Throat-Clearing Granule

Units   B19   Throat-Clearing Pharynx-Disinhibiting Granule 

Units   B20  Three-Yellow Tablet

Units   B21  Huatuo Pharynx-Clearing Tablet 

Units   B22   Borneol And Borax Powder

Units   C01   Mango Cough-Checking Tablet   

Units   C02    Cough-Checking Pomelo Granule  

Units   C03   Lung-Healing Formula     

Units   C05   Poria Cinnamon Conghing Panting Calming Capsule    

Units   C06    Cordyceps Fritillaria Cough-Stopping Gel  

Units   C07   Thousand Treasure Anti-luflammation Tablet  

Units   C08    Lung Benefiting Capsule  

Units   C09    Smoking Giving Up Efficacious Water  

Units   C10   Common Cold Coughing Granule  

Units   C11   Huanhuncao Granule   

Units   C12   Drinking Friends Alcohol-Resolving Crystal    

Units   C14    Lung Benifiting Tablet 

Units   C15  Throat Inflammation Tablet 

Units   C17   Phlegm-Cough-Cleansing Powder 

Units   C19   Man Yan Shu Ning Herb Candy    

Units   C20   Cordyceps Fritillaria Loquat Voice-Moistening Tablets  

Units   C21   Lung Clearing Capsule  

Units   C22   Root-securing Cough and Panting Capsule  

Units   C23   Platycodon Coughing-Relieving Capsule

Units   D01    Spleen Nourishing Pill  

Units   D02    Ass Hide Glue Blood-Supplementing Granule  

Units   D03   Ten Complete Ingredients Great Nourishing Pill  

Units   D04   Sanguisorba White-Blood-Cell-Increasing Tablet 

Units   D05   Blood Producing  Capsule 

Units   D06   Golden Chicken Strongly Tonifying Pill

Units   D07    Brain Working Element Capsule 

Units   D08   Spleen-Fortifying Blood-Supplementing Granule 

Units   E01   Ginseng Spleen-Invigorating Bolus  

Units   E02   Wuling Capsule  

Units   E03   Seven Leaves Spirit Calmness Tablet 

Units   E04   Spirit-Calming Capsule   

Units   E05   Depression-Resolving Spirit-Calming Soluble Preparation 

Units   E06   Anti-Brain-Weakening Capsule     

Units   E08   QGA Spirit-Calming Heart-Tonifying Tablet 

Units   E09   Sleep Comfortability Capsule 

Units   E11   Spiny Jujube Kernel Spirit-Quieting Capsule 

Units   E12   Brain-Supplementing Spirit-Quieting Tablet 

Units   E13   Ginseng Longan Velvet Deerhorn Pill

Units   F01   Ginseng Astragalus Sugar-Lowering Capsule   

Units  F02   Sugar Urine Pleasure Capsule   

Units   F03   Diabetes Disappearing Efficacious Capsule   

Units   F04   Sugar-Reducing Efficacious Capsule   

Units   F05   Sugar-Reducing Capsule   

Units   F06   Fat-Reducing Effective Tablet   

Units   F07   Jingzhu Fat-Lowering Toxin-Expelling Capsule 

Units   F08   Sugar Vessel Comfort Granule 

Units   F10   Fat-Reducing Slimming Tablet  

Units   F11   Fetid Cassia Fat-Reducing Tablet

Units   F12   Sugar-Lowering Pill

Units   G01   Stomach-Fortifying Food-Digesting Tablet   

Units   G02   Sausurian Qi-Smoothing Pill  

Units   G03   Mo Luo Elixir  

Units   G04   Wei-Tai "999" Capsule  

Units   G05   Ulcer Formula Capsule  

Units   G06   Six Ingredients Sausurean Capsule   

Units   G07   Stomachache Calmness Tablet   

Units   G08   Original Harmony Stomach-Adjusting Tablet   

Units   G09   Stomach-Fortifying Ulcer-Healing Tablet   

Units   G10   Stomach Recovery Capsule   

Units   G11   Stomach-Warming Comfortability Granule   

Units   G12   Stomach-Nourishing Comfortability Granule   

Units   G13   Stomach Peace Calmness Granule   

Units   G14   Stomach Benefiting Capsule   

Units   G15   Appetite-Promoting Food-Digesting Tablet 

Units   G16   Stomach Efficacious Granule  

Units   G17   Sausurean Amomum Stomach Nourishing Pill   

Units   G18   Stomach Peace Capsule   

Units   G19   Stomach Recovery Capsule  

Units   G20   Stomach-Calming Tablet  

Units   G21   Harmony-Preserving Pill 

Units   H01   Hepatitis-B Rightness-Supporting Capsule  

Units   H02   Leisurely Carefree Pill   

Units   H03   Gallstone Opening Capsule 

Units   H04   Hepatitis-B Calmness Granule    

Units   H05  Gentian Liver-Discharging Capsule

Units   H06  Gentian Liver-Discharging Granule  

Units   H07   Inflammation-Resolving Gall-Bladder-Excreting Tablet  

Units   H08   Gall-Bladder Comfortability Capsule  

Units   H09   Gall-Smoothening Stone-Expelling Tablet   

Units   H10   Multiple Formula Gall-Opening Capsule  

Units   H11   Hepatitis B Toxin-Resolving Capsule   

Units   H12   Liver Calmness Comfortability Capsule  

Units   H13    Hepatitis-B Toxin-Resolving Capsule  

Units   H14  Liver-Protecting Tablet 

Units   H15    Liver-Soothing Stomach-Pacifying Pill  

Units   H16    Liver-Recovering Capsule

Units   I01   Intestine-Recovering Tablet  

Units   I02   Intestine-Stomach Tranquilizing Capsule    

Units   I03   Constipation-Easing Capsule  

Units   I04   Bowel Loosening Capsule  

Units   I05   Colitis Pills  

Units   I06   Hemp Seed Pill   

Units   I07   Intestines Clearance Tea  

Units   I08   Diarrhea Stopping Capsule   

Units   I09   Sterculia Sucking Tablet   

Units   I11   Abdomen-Calming Tablet  

Units   I12   Six Ingredients Saussurea and Coptis Capsule  

Units   I13   Multiple-Ingredients Coptis Tablet  

Units   I14   Multi-Ingredients Bitter Wood Anti-Inflammation Capsule 

Units   I15   Intestines-Moistening Pill 

Units   J01   Baby's Especially Effective Pill   

Units   J02   Children's Phlegm-Transforming Cough-Checking Soluble Preparation  

Units   J03   Baby's One Plaster Efficacy   

Units   J04   Spleen-Awakening Baby-Nourishing Granule   

Units   J05   Dragon Oyster Bone-Strengthening Granule   

Units   J06   Baby's Weight-Increasing Treasure Granule  

Units   J08   Children's Lung Coughing Granule 

Units   J10    Infants' Cough-Panting Granule  

Units   J11    Infants' Throat-Clearing Granule  

Units   J12   A Twist Of Gold

 Units   J13   Infants' Spleen-fortifying Granule 

Units   J14  Baby's Food-Dispersing Sticker

Units   K01  Women's Menses-Regulating Pill  

Units   K02   Pain-Relieving Lump-Resolving Capsule  

Units   K03   Notoginseng Dysmenorrhea Capsule  

Units   K04   Flower Redness Tablet  

Units   K05   Uterine Inflammation Preventing capsule  

Units   K06   Golden Chicken Capsule  

Units   K07   Motherwort Granule  

Units   K08   Tangkuei Peony Menstruation-Adjusting Tablet  

Units   K09    Uterine Blood Calmness Capsule  

Units   K10   Beauty-Berry Leaf Suppository   

Units   K11   Women Recovery And Calmness Tablet  

Units   K12   Black Chicken White Phoenix Pill  

Units   K13   Black Chicken White Phoenix Pill 

Units   K14   Baicao Female-Inflammation-Clearing Suppository    

Units   K15   Fu-Ning Suppository 

Units   K16    Inflammation Clearing Capsule  

Units   K17   Anti-Female-Infection Pills  

Units   K18   Leucorrhoea Tablet  

Units   K19   Post-Delivery Recovery Granule  

Units   K20   Uterine Masses Eliminating Capsules  

Units   K21   Menopause Calmness Capsule  

Units   K22   Female Inflammation Recovery Tablet   

Units   K23  Cervicitis-Recovering Suppository   

Units   K24  Inflammation-Eliminating Suppository  

Units   K25   Breast Masses Clearing Capsule   

Units   K26   Rhubarb Wingless Cockroach Pill  

Units   K27   Breast Recovering Tablet  

Units   K28   Women's Treasure Capsule 

Units   K29   Cinnamom Twig Poria Capsule 

Units   K30   Stasis-Dispelling and Bind-Dissipating Capsule

Units   K31 Flavescent Sophora Suppository

Units   K32 Multiple-Ingredients Apricot-Hare Ears’ Wind Granule

Units   K33 Hysteromyoma-Quieting Capsule

Units   K34 Salvia Notoginseng Tablet

Units   K35 Erosion-Dispersing Vaginal Effervescent Tablet

Units   K36 Dispersing Mammary Aggregation Tablet

Units   K37 Menopause-Quieting Tablet

Units   K38 Bock’s Greenbrier Root Capsule

Units   K39  Enrichment Angelica Pill 

Units   L01   Blue Swan Rhinitis Tablet   

Units   L02   People-Strengthening Throat Tablet   

Units   L03   Golden Throat Herbal Candy   

Units   L04    Dr. Huang Loud Voice Pill   

Units   L05    Laggren Granule   

Units   L06    Rhinitis Pill    

Units   L07    Ledebouriella Angelica Rhinitis Tablet   

Units   L08    Watermelon Frost Lozenges   

Units   L09    Zoci Deafness Pill   

Units   L10    Dendrobium Night Light Pill   

Units   L11    Nose Larynx Toxin-Clearing Granule   

Units   L12    Screened Eyes Brightening Tablet   

Units   L13   Sterculia Throat Treasure Sucking Tablet    

Units   L14   Eyesight-Increasing Tablet 

Units   L15   Orifice-Opening Rhinitis Tablet  

Units   L16   Eye-Brightening Rehmannia Pill   

Units   L17   Xiong Dan Capsule   

Units   L18   Loud Voice Throat-Clearing Candy  

Units   L19   Throat-Inflammation Tablet  

Units   L20   Teeth-Strengthening Teethache-Stopping Powder  

Units   L21   Rhinitis Efficacy Tablet  

Units   L22   Throat Pain Inflammation-Reducing Pill  

Units   L23   Throat Condition Pill 

Units   L24   Six Ingredients Pill 

Units   L25   Pungent Aromatic Rhinitis Capsule 

Units   L26   Golden Throat Throat-Moistening Pill 

Units   L27   Golden-Throat Voice-Restoring Pill 

Units   L28   Teethache One Pill 

Units   L29   Orifice-Opening Rhinitis Tablet

Units   L30: Deafness Pill   

Units   L31: Toothache And Inflammation-Reducing Tablet

Units   L32: Kidney-Supplementing and Tooth-Securing Pill

Units   L33: Twenty Four Ingredients Voice-Moistening Sucking Tablet

Units   M01   Recovering Your Heart Capsule   

Units   M02   Heart Treasure  

Units   M03   Boita Seed Heart-Nourishing Pill  

Units   M04  Speedy Heart-Rescuing Pill  

Units   M05   Brain-Conquering Calmness Capsule  

Units   M06   Brain-Enriching Capsule     

Units   M08   Compound Danshen Dripping Pill  

Units   M09   Powerful Strength Brain Heart Recovering Capsule  

Units   M10  Dizziness Controlling Capsule    

Units   M11  Healthy Heart Tablet    

Units   M12  Vessel Pleasing Granule   

Units   M13 Wind-Eliminating Network-Opening Headache Tablet  

Units   M14  Head-Fortifying Qi-Enriching Tablet  

Units   M15  Yin-Nourishing Hypertension-Reducing Capsule  

Units   M16  Blood-Quickening Vessel-Opening Capsule  

Units   M17  Bezoar Hypertension-Reducing Capsule

Units   M18  Eucommia Hypertension-Reducing Tablet  

Units   M19   Healthy Heart Brain Capsule  

Units   M20   Brain-Clearing Hypertension-Reducing Tablet 

Units   M21   Embolism-Eliminating Meridian-Opening Tablet   

Units   M22   Enriching Calming Pill   US$32.60

Units   M23   Dizziness-Stopping Spirit-Calming   

Units   M24   Gastrodia Headache Efficacy Capsule   

Units   M25   Double Redness Blood-Quickening Capsule  

Units   M26   Corydalis Salvia Heart-Benefiting Capsule  

Units  M27    Heart Brain Clearing Soft Capsule  

Units  M28    Blood-Nourishing Brain-Clearing Granule  

Units  M29    Heart-Calming Granule 

Units  M30   Musk Anti-Embolism Pill  

Units  M31   Coronary Heart Quietness Tablet  

Units  M32   Compound Ligusticum Root Capsule  

Units  M33   Ligusticum Root and MuskVessels-Freeing Pill

Units  M34   Gold-Supplementing Capsule

Units  M35   Vessel Freeing Granule

Units  M36   Hypertension-Reducing Tablet

Units   N01   Trauma Fall Sprain Tablet   

Units   N02   Dragon's Blood Capsule   

Units   N03  Yun Nan Notoginseng Capsule   

Units   N04   Yun Nan Notoginseng Powder   

Units   N05   Blood-Quickening Pain-Relieving Capsule   

Units   N06   Minor Gold Pill   

Units   N07   Crouching Dragon Tablet   

Units   N08   Corydalis Pain-Stopping Capsule

Units   N09   Blood-Quickening Pain-Relieving Capsule 

Units   N10   Corydalis Pain-stopping Capsule

Units   N11   Trauma-Healing Efficacy Capsule  

Units   N12   Chinese Knocks-Falls Pills 

Units   O01   Ten Thousands Tendons And Bones Opening Tablet   

Units  O02   Rheumatism Nux Vomica   

Units   O03   Pain-Stopping Tablet

Units   O04   Rheumatism-Conquering Capsule  

Units   O05   Rheumatism-Conquering Capsule   

Units   O06   Wind-Expelling Pain-Stopping Capsule   

Units   O07   Rheumatism Calming Tablet   

Units   O08   Pepper Rheumatism Plaster   

Units   O09   Musk Wind-Eliminating Plaster 

Units   O10   Sacred Rheumatism Capsule

Units   O11   Sacred Rheumatism Capsule   

Units   O12   Wind Headache Capsule   

Units   O13   Nerve-Stretching and Network Vessels-Quickening Pill

Units   O14  Effective Plaster For Neck, Shoulder, Waist And Leg 

Units   O15   Rheumatism Plaster

Units   O16  Juanbi antibiotic pill  

Units   O17  Pain-Wind Stabilizing Capsule 

Units   O18  Campo Peach Twig Tablet  

Units   O19  Bolt-Dispersing Vessels-Freeing Tablet 

Units   O20  Wind-Expelling Bones-Outthrusting Pill  

Units   O21  Rheumatalgia Tablet  

Units   P01   Hua Tuo Re-creating Pill   

Units   P02   Major Network-Channel-Quickening Bolus   

Units   P03   Powerful Strength Gastrodia Eucommia Capsule   

Units   P04   Life-Regaining of Brain Tablet   

Units   P05   Apoplexy Spring-Returning Pill  

Units   P06   Major Network-Channel-Quickening Pill   

Units   P07  Hemiplegia-Restoring Pill   

Units   P08  Brian Treasure Pill

Units   P09  Longsheng Leech Capsule  

Units   Q01  Three Gold Tablet 

Units   Q02  Prostate Recovery Tablet 

Units   Q03   Major Toxicity-Defeating Capsule 

Units   Q04   Four Ingredients Tablet For Nephritis   

Units   Q05   Stone And Strangury Opening Soluble Preparation   

Units   Q06   Prostate Spring-Returning Capsule   

Units   Q07   Heat-Clearing Strangury-Opening Capsule   

Units   Q08    Wild Chrysanthemum Flower Suppository   

Units   Q09   Urination-Calming Peace Capsule   

Units   Q10   Kidney Liver Calming Capsule   

Units   Q11   Kidney Stones Opening Soluble Preparation   

Units   Q12   Nephritis Recovery Tablet   

Units   Q13   Five Types Strangury Pill   

Units   Q14   Stone Expelling Capsule   

Units   Q15  Strangury Clearing Granule  

Units   Q16  Prostatitis Disappearing Capsule   

Units   Q17   Stone-Expelling Tablet 

Units   Q18   Prostate Urine-Blockade-Opening Capsule  

Units   Q19   Strangury Clearing Solubal Granule   

Units   Q20   Stone-Expelling Granule   

Units   Q21   Strangury Conquering Capsule  

Units   Q22   Prostate Recovery And Comfort Capsule

Units   Q23: Uremic Clearance Granule    

Units   Q24: Multiple-Ingredients Snow Ginseng Capsule

Units   Q25: Stone-Dispelling Capsules 

Units   Q26: Prostate-Freeing Tablet 

Units   Q27: Stones-Expelling Granule 

Units   Q28: Prostatitis Pleasure Capsule

Units   R01   Complete Gastrodia Capsule   

Units   R02   Zheng Qing Ganoderma Capsule   

Units   R03   Gold Sun American Ginseng Capsule (Funingchun Brand)  

Units   R04   Six Ingredients Rehmannia Pill   

Units   R05   Funingchun American Ginseng Sucking Tablets (Shengfei Brand)    

Units   R06   Ancient Chinese Life-Nourishing Tablet   

Units   R07   Anemarrhena Phellodendron Rehmannia Pill 

Units   R08   American Ginseng Capsule (Golden Sun Brand)   

Units   R09   Cinnamon Aconite Rehmannia Pill 

Units   R10   Origin-Rectifying Capsule    

Units   R11   Placenta Treasure Capsule  

Units   R12   Pills for Tonifying Middle-Warmer and Qi     

Units   R13   Powerful Body-Strengthening Capsule  

Units   R14   Lycium Chrysanthemum Rehmannia Pill  

Units   R15   Thousand Pleasure Tablet

Units   R16   Tianqiang Gastrodia Capsule

Units   R18   Screen Vessel –Producing Capsule

Units   R19   Red Ginseng And Velvet Deerhorn Root-Securing Tablet

Units   R20   Astragalus Granule

Units   S01   Kidney-Tonifying Health-Strengthening Tablet  new 

Units   S02   Turtle Deer Kidney-Tonifying Pill   

Units   S03   Sea Dog Pill   

Units  S04   Men's Treasure  capsule 

Units   S05   Kidney-Tonifying Brain-Enriching Capsule  

Units   S06   Lumbago-Calming Capsule   

Units   S07  Kidney-Tonifying Life-Prolonging Capsule    

Units   S08  Lumbago Tablet   

Units   S09  Golden Lock Semen Securing Pill 

Units   S10  Five-Seed Progeny Pill 

Units   S49  Manyprickle Acathopanax Root Pill

Units   S50  Kidney-Boosting Effectiveness Granule  

Units   S51  Five-Seed Progeny Pill   

Units   S54  Sanzi Kidney-Strengthening Capsule

Units   S56  Brain-Fortifying and Kidney-Tonifying Pill   

Units   S57  King Kong Pill   

 Units   S59  Ant Powder Capsules

Units   T01   Nourishing Hair-Producing Tablet

Units   T02   Toxin-Expelling Cosmetics Capsule 

Units   T03   Beautiful Stature Fat-Reducing Capsule     

Units   T05 Beautiful Figure Quick Weight-Reducing Capsule

Units   T06   Blood-Nourishing Hair-Producing Capsule     

Units   T08   Alopecia Pill   

Units   T09   Great Image Weight Reducing Tea   

Units   T10   Skin-Beautifying Soluble Preparation   

Units   T11   Pearl Powder  

Units   T13   Gastrodia Hair-Recovering Pill   

Units   T14   Spring-Returning-Flower Weight-Reducing Tea 

Units   T15   Blood-Nourishing Hair-Flourishing Granule   

Units   T16   Hircus Clearing Liquid    

Units   T17   Skin-Brightening Hair-Falling Cream   

Units   T18   Cold-Bites Cream  

Units   T19   Snake Oil Hand-Protecting Cream  

Units   T20   Fragrant Body Pill  

Units   T21   Slim Beauty Capsule  

Units   T22   Oil-Eliminating Hair-Producing Tablet 

Units   T26  Kidney-Boosting and Hair-Producing Pill  

Units   T28   Kidney-Fortifying Hair-Producing Pill

Units   T29: Slimming Figure and Fat-Reducing Pill

Units   T30: Green Thin Weight-Reducing Capsule 

Units   T31: Slimming Figure and weight-Loss Tablet

Units   T32: Pu'er Tea

Units   T33:Xiuer Wight Reducing Tea

Units   U01   Deficient Sweat Stopping Powder   

Units   U02    Hemorrhoid-Solving Tablet     

Units   U03   Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment     

Units   U04   Xiongdan Brand Ointment for Hemorrhoid

Units   U05    Hemorrhoids Quick Peace Tablet 

Units   U06    Hemorrhoids-Inflammation-Disappearing Granule  

Units   U07   Notoginseng Hemorrhoids-Transforming Pill  

Units   U08  Hernia Treating Belt 

Units   U09   Jade Screen Granule 

Units   U10  Hemorrhoid-Transforming Suppository   

Units   U11  Musk Hemorrhoids Suppository   

Units   U12  Hemorrhoid Tablet 

Units   U13  Bear-Bile Suppository for Hemorrhoid  

Units   U14  Aniti-Hemorrhoids Plaster

Units   V01   Fall Sprain Trauma Pain Plaster   

Units   V02   Yi Zheng Pain-Disappearing Plaster   

Units   V03   Channel-Opening Pain-Stopping Plaster   

Units   V04   China Moxibustion   

Units  V05   Notoginseng Pain Relieving Plaster   

Units  V06   Pepper Wind-Damp Plaster 

Units  V07   Extremely Efficacious Internal Dispersing Plaster   

Units  V08   Dog Skin Plaster   

Units  V09   Copious Virtue Loins Kidneys Plaster   

Units  V10   Osteohyperplasia Plaster   

Units  V11   Painful Scapulohumeral Periathritis Plaster   

Units  V12   Fall, Boxing, Trauma Plaster   

Units  V13   Bone-Strengthening Musk Pain-Alleviating Plaster   

Units  V14   Cooling Balm   

Units  V15   Cooling Balm   

Units  V16   Miaowang Plaster For Lumbago  

Units  V17   Double Effective For Removing Pains  

Units  V18   Miaowang Plaster For Shoulder  

Units  V19   Miao Nationality King Bone Hyperplasia Plaster   

Units  V20   Fragrant Medicine Rheumatism Pain-Stopping Plaster   

Units  V21   Shaoling Rheumatism Fall Sprain Plaster  

Units  V22   Yunnan Notoginseng Plaster 

Units  V28   Snow Lotus For Painkillers Healthy Plaster 

Units  V29   Musk Knocks-Falls Rheumatoid Plaster  

Units  V30   Bone Plaster  

Units  V31   Magnetic Sticker Of The Miao Ethnic Minority Garden  

Units  V32   Notoginseng Plaster  

Units  W01   Calming-Dispersing Tablet   

Units  W02   Little Gold Pill   

Units  W03   Flammulina Velatipes Capsule 

Units  W04: Toad Tablet   

Units  W05: Cancer Disappearing-Calmness Tablet   

Units  W06: Calming-Dispersing Tablet  

Units  W07: Compound Mylabris Capsule  

Units  X01  Itching Skin Soluble Preparation   

Units  X02  Pearl Acne Tablet   

Units  X03  Skin Problems Blood Toxin Pill   

Units  X04  Vitiligo Pill  

Units  X05  Black Snake Itching-Stopping Pill  

Units  X06  Heat-Clearing Acne Tablet

Units  X07  Skin Hemorrhoid Clearing Ointment   

Units  X08  Compound Pill of Natural Indigo     

Units  X09  Borneol Rhubarb Pleasant Skin Ointment  

Units  X10  New Skin Snake Fat Ointment

Units  X11  Zidan Psoriasis  Capsule   

Units  X12  Scar Eliminating Ointment   

Units  X13  Lavender Scar Removing Gel   

Units  X14  Aloe Gel 

Units  X15   Psoriasis Dissappearing Tablet    

Units  X16   Vitiligo Capsule      

Units  X19  Psoriasis-Clearing Pill  

Units  X20  Tongue-Dropping Pill 

Units  X21  Rhodiola Patch-Removing Capsule

Units  Y01  Anti-Osteohyperplasia Capsule   

Units  Y02   Neck Recovering Granule   

Units  Y03   Osteohyperplasia-Curing Pill  

Units  Y04  Vertebra Pain Calming Granule  

Units  Y05  Bone Immortal Tablet  

Units  Y06  Bone-Hyperplasia Pain-Stopping Capsule  

Units  Y07  Huatuo Musk Bone-Connecting Capsule  

Units  Y08  Bone Hyperplasia Pill  

Units  Y09 Notoginseng Trauma Tablet

Units  Y10 Notoginseng Trauma Pill 

Units  Y12 Hyperosteogeny Anti-Inflammation Tablet

Units  Y13 Capsule For Bones And Sinews 

Units  Y14 Bone-Strengthening Capsule 

Units  Z01  One Plucking Openness Cupping Apparatus   

Units  Z02  Haci Five Elements Needle   

Z03  Single Use Acupuncture Needle   

Z04  Moxa Roll   

Units Z05  Bamboo Cupping Jars 

Z06  Acupuncture Hanging Chart 

Units Z07  Acupuncture Total Body Model (In Chinese)

Units Z08  Ear Model Of Acupuncture Points  

Units Z09  Foot Model Of Acupuncture Points 

Units Z10  Hand Model Of Acupuncture Points 

Units Z11  Adhesive Plaster With Magnet For Ear Acupressure

Units Z12  Acupuncture Needle Bag 

Units Z13  Acupoints Measuring Paper Plate (In Chinese) 

Units Z14   Ear Acupuncture Needles   

Units Z15  Copper Poundering Mortar   

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